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Some very interesting facts about chimps : adult chimpanzees can stand as tall as 4ft 11 inches, reach a running speed of up to 25mph, love eating fruit more than any other food and make a tree nest in a new location every night!

The Puppet Company Medium Chimp is a lot tamer than its wild relatives but superbly modelled in appearance and size to make it as life-like as possible! This adorable primate puppet will provide hours of fun for aspiring puppeteers and make great buddies for children.

Our cheeky chimp has a friendly face and thick black fur that is long and soft to the touch. Its long arms can casually hang around its owner's neck and its hands have velcro so it can hold and grip with ease. And you won't need to worry about its food as it comes with its own delicious banana. The puppet has access in bottom and excellent head and mouth movement.

Size : H 60cm x W 34cm x D 16cm

Age : 12 months to adult

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