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Safari Ltd Toob Venomous Creatures Miniatures

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These handpainted and accurately detailed Safari Ltd Toob Venomous Creatures Miniatures are an excellent and engaging educational resource, for children and collectors alike! Great for travel, home learning or school projects, children can learn fascinating facts about some of the venomous creatures of our world. Also perfect for arts and crafts ideas like using the replicas to decorate keyrings, mirrors and bracelets and more! The Toob contains 9 phthalate-free replicas of  a stone fish, cane toad, bat ray, yellow-bellied snake, Komodo dragon, brown tarantula, giant centipede, fat-tailed scorpion and an Indian cobra. These are all securely  stored in a reusable acetate tube with a spinning globe on the lid. The miniatures range from 4cm to 7.5cm in size.

Size: 33cm x 5.2cm x 5.2cm

Age: 3 years +

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