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Safari Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly

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The Safari Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly set is superb for learning about the four key stages in the life of a butterfly! The Danaus plexippus (scientific name) starts off in a microscopic egg, hatches as a teeny weeny striped caterpillar and immediately starts munching away on nearby milkweed leaves to prepare for the metamorphosis process ahead. It forms a chrysalis a couple of weeks later and, after a fortnight, a most stunning monarch butterfly steps out! The set features eggs and tiny caterpillars on a leaf, a larger black, yellow and white caterpillar, an emerald chrysalis and a gorgeous bright orange and black adult butterfly. The miniatures are all handpainted using non toxic paints and designed with astonishing detail.

Adult butterfly : 8.39cm wingtip to wingtip

Age: 3 years +

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