Safari Life Cycle of a Frog

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Did you know that the frog's scientific name is Anura?  The Safari Life Cycle of a Frog set has lots more to teach about the five key stages of the amphibian's life. It all starts off with a floating egg mass about in a pond,with survivors hatching as tadpoles. The metamorphosis accelerates as they ditch their gills and start growing limbs. Before long, these fascinating creatures make it to land and, within 12 to 16 weeks, they are fully grown frogs. The set features an egg cluster, a newly hatched tadpole, a tadpole without gills, an older green tadpole with emerging limbs and a bright green adult frog. These miniatures are all superbly handpainted using non toxic paints and designed with accurate life-like detail.

Adult frog : 5.08cm tall

Age: 3 years +

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