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Elenco Electronics Snap Circuits Green Energy Kit SCG-225

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In what ways can we conserve energy? What clean energy options are out there? The Elenco Electronics Snap Circuits Green Energy Kit SCG-225 is a simple and engaging way for aspiring engineers and environmentalists to explore electronics and modern alternative energy, whilst having plenty of hands-on educational fun. With this exciting kit of 45 colour-coded, snap-together real circuit parts and a base grid, they can build a solar light clock, windy lights, electric car, hand radio, solar light charger, windmill, water redirection, windy radio and lots more. Over 125 brilliant STEM projects to construct with the aid of a well-illustrated and easy-to-follow project guide as well as an educational green energy manual that explains environmentally-friendly energy like solar, hydrogen fuel cells, geothermal, wind and more. Rechargeable battery included.

Size : 38cm x 35cm x 7.6cm

Age : 8 years to adult

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