Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Changing Bag, Uptown Stripe - Product Review

February 13th, 2013

As we’ve flagged up a lot recently at Trusty Toys, we’re now selling Skip Hop’s range of Mother and Baby products. The New York-based company makes items such as changing mats, changing bags and toddler backpacks and their stated aim is to create products that solve the practical problems faced by mums, and to do it with style. And, when you see photos of Skip Hop products, they definitely look the part.

Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Changing Bag Uptown Stripe

Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Changing Bag Uptown Stripe

But let’s face it, the subject of this post, the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Changing Bag, is quite a high ticket item, selling for around £60, so we thought we’d give it a thorough review to let you see what you’d be getting for your money. In the review, we’ll look specifically at the Uptown Stripe version but all the features, apart from the visual design, are common to all models of the Duo Deluxe.

The Bag

Let’s start with the Duo Deluxe Bag itself which measures approximately 40cm wide x 36cm high x 5cm deep (when flat) and is made of a thick, durable material, which feels like a modern canvas-type fabric.

The visual design of the Uptown Stripe changing bag is, as the name suggests, vertical stripes. Surprisingly, given the variety of colours used - navy blue, aqua blue, beige, mustard, orange, brown and dark pink - the overall effect is one of subtle coordination. The brown trim of the pockets, belt and bag linings sets off the stripes nicely.

Clever Strap

In our opinion, one of the best features of the bag is the Stroller Straps, which loop over the handles of your pushchair with the aid of Skip Hop’s patented Shuttle Clips, allowing the bag to hang very neatly from the back of  it when you are pushing it. When the Duo Deluxe is on the pushchair, you have the option to leave the shoulder strap on the bag or detach it for a neater look, again by means of the Shuttle Clips.

The shoulder strap itself is quite special. It has a substantial, movable shoulder pad that feels like it was designed for a high-end laptop bag. Unfastening the Velcro allows the pad to be completely removed from the strap, perhaps for occasions when you have really light load and want the bag to look sleeker. The strap itself extends to give a drop of about 60cm from the shoulder to the top of the bag, allowing it to be worn comfortably by mums of all heights.

Changing Mat

Skip Hop has included a padded changing mat with the Duo Deluxe in the same shade of brown as the bag’s trim. It folds out to 30cm x 60cm but folds away to 30cm x 20 cm and is stowed in a large rear pocket.

Lots of Pockets

Now, to the pockets. There are eleven in all. We don’t intend to describe them all to you. Suffice it to say that there is enough room in the various different pockets to accommodate nappies, creams, wipes and changing pads. In addition, purpose-made pockets are also available for non-baby essentials like a mobile phone, a water bottle, and pens; and there is ample room for a notebook and a make-up bag should you need to carry them. The pockets are either secured with Velcro, zips or internal magnets.


Overall, we would rate this bag very highly for its look, quality of materials, functionality and comfort. We hope this review has given you a better idea of what the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Changing bag has to offer. We would be most happy to supply you with one at

Product Contents

  • Bag
  • Detachable Strap
  • Changing Pad
  • Mini Instruction Manual


  • Detachable Strap
  • Patented Shuttle clips
  • Stroller Straps
  • Large rear pocket with changing mat included
  • Net pocket for bottle
  • Side pocket for phone
  • 2 large front pockets
  • 2 top zip pockets
  • 2 deep internal pockets
  • Hidden magnet closers
  • Pen holders

The Journey from Cuddly Toy to Comforter

September 28th, 2010
child with cuddly toy

child with cuddly toy

I began thinking the other day about cuddly toys after seeing my friend’s little boy with his comforter. Yes, that well-loved cuddly toy that, for one reason or another, becomes a significant companion in a child’s life.

Now, I can only take my friend’s word for it as to how this little “snuggly” once looked because it was loved to death – shredded, faded and literally hanging together by a thread. Despite its less than perfect appearance, the boy loved him! So much so, that the mother had invested in a ‘back-up’ copy – a potential replacement if, inadvertently, the snuggly was left in the supermarket!

So, why do certain cuddly toys or blankets forge this relationship with your little one?  Why do children attach themselves to a familiar cuddly toy or blanket? Is it as a way of feeling a sense of security, a way of being reassured as they start to discover that their parent is not with them every second of the day? Is a security ‘blanket’ helpful to a child in potentially new and ‘stressful’ situations?

For some parents, the idea of their child being overly attached to a cuddly toy concerns them as they feel it might show some deep-seated fear, anxiety or insecurity in their child. However, research has shown that rather than being evidence of increased anxiety and insecurity, children who have a comforter have less anxiety in stressful situations. So it seems a snuggly may actually be a good thing for kids and not something to be discouraged!

At Trusty Toys, we have a great range of cuddly Toys that may well become your child’s precious comforter. These beautifully made toys by Jellycat are soft and natural to the touch and look like they have a personality of their very own as well as being made to Jellycat’s famous high standard. So, why not have a look at these great cuddly toys and, who knows, you might just be purchasing your child’s special snuggly!

Bath Toys Range Looking Good

June 21st, 2010
Alex Water Drums

Alex Water Drums

If you’ve got youngsters you’ll know how much they love playing with toys in the bath. My wife and I have our nephews and niece over for a week about twice a year and they absolutely love playing with toys while they are in the tub. It’s funny, they actually don’t need to be playing with toys made for the bath to be enjoying themselves. Ive seen them have lots of fun playing with Schleich and Holztiger animals. Having said that, we’ve been building up our range of bath toys at Trusty Toys and we think you’ll like them. It amazes me the variety of bath toys available these days. It’s no longer limited to plastic ducks and boats. We’ve tried to put together a good selection of bath toys for our customers which combine education, creativity and fun. I especially like the Alex water drums . Take a look at the bath toys page on or website if you get a chance.

Jellycat Cuddly Toys have Arrived at Trusty Toys

June 2nd, 2010
Jellycat Bashful Bunny Beige

Jellycat Bashful Bunny Beige

On May 10th 2010, we mentioned that we would soon be stocking Jellycat soft toys. Well, they’ve arrived and, I can tell you, they are not a disappointment.  I can hear you now saying “you would say that, wouldn’t you?”. Well, I might I suppose, but these cuddly toys really are something a bit different. For a start, Jellycat cuddly toys look different from anything else that’s out there. They have a sort of ‘lived-in look’, or should that be ‘loved-already look’. But then, when you pick them up, you notice that they are softer than anything else you’ve felt and not only that; they also look and feel very natural and you can see that they are made with great attention to detail.  Now  obviously, it’s a website we are running here at Trusty Toys, so our customers can’t come into our shop physically and experience the product in the way that is describe above, but somehow the word about Jellycat  is spreading because  Jellycat  Cuddly toys have been one of the best-selling new arrivals we have at Trusty Toys. Why not take a look at some of our range today? A good place to start might be the Bashful Monkey, a soft and cuddly monkey or the Cordy Roy Croc a distinctive cute, not scary croc, made from cord. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions or leave a post, if you have comments.

Trusty Toys Website Improved for Customers

May 29th, 2010

This is just a very quick post to let all our customers know that the Trusty Toys website has been improved. We have a new look homepage which helps customers to find the category of toys they are looking for far more quickly. In addition we have improved the category pages and brand pages by adding lots more information. Similarly, newly added products come with far more detailed information than in the past.

We will be continuing to improve the site over the coming months and we hope our customers like the difference. If you have any feedback, we’d love to hear from you.

New Cuddly Toys Range At Trusty Toys

May 19th, 2010
Anthony the Ant Activity Cuddly Toy from Tolo

Anthony the Ant Activity Cuddly Toy from Tolo

At the beginning of the year, at Trusty Toys, we decided to develop our range of cuddly toys and soft toys from what was really just a few dolls and assorted other soft products. We did a lot of research before deciding what cuddly toys to go for, trying to strike a balance between niche appeal, quality and popularity.  In March we added a number of cuddly and activity toys from Tolo Toys which have proved to be extremely popular, especially Curly the Cobra. Next week we will be adding to the range with a dozen or so products from Jellycat.