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Building on School Trips and Classroom Lessons - Safari Toobs

School trips to exciting attractions like the London Sealife Aquarium, the National Space Centre, the Woburn Safari Park or the National History Museum, tend to fill children with awe and wonder. They chat with their friends or siblings about such trips for weeks afterwards! Even school lessons that explore themes like Ancient Egypt, the human anatomy or foreign cultures can grasp a child’s imagination and leave them wanting to learn more.


This is where educational tools like Safari Toobs can be brought into play to help children build on what they have seen on their school trip or on what they have learnt in class. Let’s take the Safari Toobs Ocean Miniatures, for instance. It contains a fascinating variety of miniature sealife creatures that help to broaden a child’s knowledge through play and interaction.


There is a wide range of Safari Toobs that can help parents and teachers alike to effortlessly introduce various interesting themes to children, from dinosaur skulls, astronauts in space, human organs to musical instruments, farm animals and many more!


Pick up your Toobs from our Safari Ltd category!


Winter Evenings with the eeBoo Storefront Bingo Boardgame

Keeping children occupied indoors during winter term-time can be quite a challenge for many parents. Especially when it is cold and wet out and the children feel bored to bits! 

eeBoo Storefront Bingo to the rescue! 

As expected, eeBoo come up trumps again with their admirable ability to combine recycled material with high-quality design in this boardgame. With an impressive 6 playing boards and good chunky tiles to match, the whole family will discover that this is a fun and easy solution for passing these cold winter evenings together. 

One of the big pluses is that young children can expand their vocabulary and improve sorting skills. There is so much that parents and grandparents love about the eeBoo Storefront Bingo : the good sportsmanship that is developed in children as they win or lose, the superb quality of the glossy sturdy boards, the lovely illustrations and the enjoyable conversations that create fun memories for years to come. 

Do visit our eeBoo category to pick up your next evening and weekend entertainment.


Product review of Orange Tree Bookends

Orange Tree Bookends are among the best you’ll find on the toy market today.


These high-quality bookends are beautifully handpainted in the vibrant colours that children and adults alike love as they simply brighten up the room. They are also just the perfect weight and size to keep those unruly books in check. A bonus is that Orange Tree bookends have rubber pads on the base to give them a good grip on the shelf.


What we find most fascinating about these bookends is that each one is designed with characters that invite children to create an imaginative story around them.


They are definitely good value for money. Browse Orange Tree Toys to see the Orange Tree bookends we have in store.

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