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Legler Small Foot Workbench Christian

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This exquisitely made Legler Small Foot Workbench Christian is the dream-come-true of every budding carpenter, engineer or architect! A potential family heirloom, it is a high quality workstation that is professionally crafted to take imaginative play to a new level and to refine motor skills as well as promote communication and language abilities. The upper level of this gorgeous workbench is equipped with a fixed buzz saw, a detachable drill machine and a selection of essential tools like a hammer, screwdriver and spanner. The lower level features a robust screw clamp, holes to fit screws onto and a spacious tray filled with screws, nuts and perforated plates. The entire playset is made from solid wood and decorated in bright colours using safe, non toxic paints.

Workbench size : 45cm x 39cm x 30cm

Working height : 29 cm

Age : 3 years +