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The Puppet Company Large Birds Scarlet Macaw

The Puppet Company Large Birds Scarlet Macaw

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Macaws love munching seeds and seem immune to many poisons found in their foods! But they find avocados, cherries and chocolate poisonous!

This brightly coloured Puppet Company Scarlet Macaw enjoys life in the tropical forests of South America but it is also keen to find a new home! Lovingly made with eye-catching fabrics, this plush puppet is great for creative play and story-telling as well as encouraging children to do their chores. It has a mischievous face, a huge yellow beak, a loud squawk and great  mouth movement. Its body, tail and wings are soft to the touch and covered in long, colourful pile. It also has easy access in bottom.

Size : H 74cm x W 30cm x L 28cm

  • Age : 18 months to adult

  • (watch demonstration video below)