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How did the Border Collie get its popular name? Well, it is a working dog breed that was developed around the Scottish-English border area, and "collie" is a Scottish word for sheepdog. 

The Puppet Company Border Collie puppy is ready to be trained to herd your sheep! Designed using plush high-quality material, this adorable pup is life-like with its silky black and white fur, floppy ears and friendly face. It has been cleverly made so it can be played with as a stuffed toy and as a puppet. To bring it to life and get it to make different head movements and and pretend barks, there is access under its tummy so your hand can reach right into its head and fully working mouth.

Size : H 26cm x W 17cm x L 44cm

Age : 12 months to adult

(watch demonstration video below)