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The Puppet Company Baby Dinos Blue T-Rex

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The Tyrannosaurus rex used to live in Laramidia (modern day North America) and was one of the largest land carnivores ever known, at about 13 metres long! And it had a ferocious bite!

Our cute Puppet Company Baby T-Rex is definitely not as massive or ferocious so it would make a great playmate for any little dinosaur fan! Stunningly made using vibrantly coloured fabrics, this baby dino has a large blue and green body and a giant head sporting its white baby teeth (which don't hurt at all!). To bring it to life, simply slip your hand under its chest and right into its head for full mouth manipulation. It doubles as a soft toy so it willl make a great night-time companion, too.

Size : H 30cm x L 30cm x W 14cm

Age : 12 months to adult

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