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The Flying Games Ice Team is the great Arctic polar bear competition of the year and it's about to start! The mad race is on to decide the fastest, or smartest, fish grabbing team in the region. Competitors must dash to gather as many fish as they can on the way to the finish line. Of course, faster is not always better - one team may decide to drop their pace, at the risk of losing first place, in order to collect more fish.

The box contains 1 start board, 1 finish board (the Village), 4 course boards, 30 double-sided fish tokens, 24 sea ice tiles, 8 igloo tiles, 8 polar bear miniaures and 2 dice.

Ideal for 2 players and with a playing time of 20 minutes.

Size : 17.8cm x 17.8cm x 5 cm

Age : 8 years +