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An ingenious and brightly-coloured wooden block set of 10 pieces of varying sizes, the award-winning Fiesta Crafts Sort 'n' Shake is an excellent early learning resource for developing curiosity and imaginative play in preschoolers! Each fun and noisy stacking block is professionally to draw the attention of little children as they rustle, rattle and jingle. Preschool early learners will enjoy counting, stacking, sorting by size and identifying different animals. Sort 'n' Shake has been thoughtfully designed to encourage learning about size, matching, sequencing, colour recognition and much more! Made from ethically sourced wood and decorated using child-friendly paints.
Silver Award, Practical Pre-School Awards 2008
Highly Recommended Good Toy Guide 2008
Size : 23cm x 17cm x 6cm

Age: 12 months +