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Sort n Shake

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Silver Award, Practical Pre-School Awards 2008

Highly Recommended, Good Toy Guide 2008

An ingenious and brightly-coloured wooden block set of 10 pieces that will fascinate tiny hands and ears as each block makes an intriguing noise when shaken! Little ones' listening skills will be developed as they discover which block rattles, rustles, jingles or clatters.

Each stacking block is uniquely sized and features a beautifully painted friendly animal character as well as individual numbers and the corresponding amount of dots – helping early learners to count, stack, sort in size and start to recognise different animals. Sort N Shake has been thoughtfully designed, by Fiesta Crafts, to encourage learning through play. It is great for teaching size, matching and grading. It is also rated highly for helping children with skills such as estimating, sequencing and colour recognition.

An excellent resource for speech and language therapy!

Designed to EU toy safety and quality standard.

Size : 23cm x 17cm x 6cm

Age: 1+