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Safari Life Cycle of a Green Sea Turtle

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Interesting fact : the green sea turtle cannot retract into its shell, unlike many other turtle species! The Safari Life Cycle of a Turtle set has lots to teach about the key stages of a turtle's life cycle. The Chelonia mydas (scientific name) can be dark green, grey, brown or olive in colour and starts off within a buried egg mass of about 75 to 200. The hatchlings break out of their eggshells after two months and scramble across the sands into water. 10 years later, the green sea turtle is an adult and can live for a century! The set features an egg cluster in the sand, a hatching baby turtle, a juvenile turtle and a beautiful adult green turtle. These miniatures are all superbly handcrafted andn handpainted using safe, non toxic materials and designed with accurate life-like detail.

Adult sea turtle : 8.89cm long

Age: 3 years +

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