MindWare Q-Bitz Extreme

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This fast-paced, multi-award winning MindWare Q-Bitz Extreme game of memory power, symmetry and visual agility will have the whole family racing non-stop to get from one round to the next in friendly competition! In all the rounds, it begins with the roll of the dice and each player seeks to be the first to recreate the pattern on the card and win the round. However, the extra challenge in Round 3 will stretch brain power as players attempt to recreate the pattern from memory. The rounds present different difficulty levels so they can be adapted to all group abilities and ages. The game includes 80 Q-bitz cards, 4 sets of 16 cubes and 4 wooden trays. Ideal for 2 to 4 players.

Major Fun Award
NAPPA National Parenting Publications Gold Award
Parents' Choice Gold Award
Tillywig Brain Child Award
iParenting Media Award

Size : 40.6cm x 38cm x 7.6cm

Age : 8 years to adult

(watch video on How To Play below)