Iello Diamant (Incan Gold)

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Join in some great adventure with this exciting Iello Diamant (Incan Gold) boardgame of strategy and bluffing! Explore mine shafts and jungle trails by revealing deck cards and sharing the treasures discovered along the way. Players will get opportunities to leave the mine and hide away their loot. But there are hidden hazards to look out for like explosions, serpents, scorpions, landslides, poisonous gas. Will you escape with your loot or keep venturing deeper into the unknown as stakes of winning more or losing everything get higher?! The game includes treasure cards, player tokens, hazard cards, temple cards and treasure gems like turquoise, obsidian and gold. Ideal for 3 to 8 players and with a playing time of 30 minutes.

Size : 20.4cm x 20.4cm x 6.2cm

Age : 8 years to adult