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It's critical to contain the situation now! Millions of amoebas have escaped and are slithering around the labs in this manic Panic Lab party game. Players (or rather, scientists) must find ways to catch the right amoeba and work out where it might have escaped to. Players all compete simultaneously in their frantic search for the amoeba with the correct shape, pattern and colour. It gets tricky as the amoebas can mutate, forcing some players to change their search criteria. To collect a token, be the first to get hold of the correct card. To win the game, be the first to collect five precious tokens! Ideal for 2 to 10 players and with a playing time of 10 - 30 minutes.

Size : 14.7cm x 11cm x 2.2cm

Age : 8 years to adult
(watch How To Play video below)