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Gamewright Over Under

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What is the average distance from the earth to the moon (in miles)? A fun and  entertaining party game of probability, players won't need to be general knowledge geniuses to enjoy the award-winning Gamewright Over Under card game of guesstimates! Brilliant for all ages, players best-guess answers to all kinds of curious facts. With 600 questions to play for, the quiz master draws a card, asks other players a question and decides if their answer is over or under the correct amount. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins. The game includes 200 cards and rules of play. Ideal for 2 or more players with a playing time of 15 minutes.

National Parenting Publications Silver Award

Dr Toys Best Vacation Product Award

Size : 9.5cm x 9cm x 5.4cm

Age : 10 years to adult