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Fiesta Crafts Gingerbread Man Hand and Finger Puppet Set

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It's show time with the gorgeously designed Gingerbread Man Hand and Finger Puppet set! Brilliant resource for promoting literacy skills and interactive play, the large and cuddly gingerbread man will fascinate the imaginative minds of children with his bright deep orange suit and mint coloured bow tie. On the back of his suit are pouches for storing the finger puppets. The little old lady, crafty fox, hungry cow and even hungrier horse finger puppets help bring to life the ever-popular children's story! But, of course, puppeteers can always let their imagination fly with new stories and adventures for our cuddly friends. All puppets are made using soft fabrics.

Size : 30.4cm x 17.2cm x 8.4cm

Age: 3 years +