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Elenco Snap Circuits Motion Electronics Discovery Kit SCM-165

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The Elenco Snap Circuits Motion Electronics Discovery Kit offers future engineers hours of educational fun as they acquire hands-on knowedge about physics and motion. With this exciting kit, they can try different experiments that include a motion detector and a colour-changing lit-up fan with the help of gears and pulleys! 50 different colour-coded parts and more than 165 amazing projects to try using the colourfully illustrated and easy-to-follow manual!  4x AA batteries required (not included).

Used by schools worldwide, Elenco Snap Circuits teach young people to construct exciting projects such as doorbells, digital voice recorders, FM radios, burglar alarms, AM radios and lots more! They can even play electronic games with friends. All parts are mounted on plastic modules and easily snap together. The Circuit Safe™ patented safety device unique to all Snap Circuits products ensures child safety. No tools required.

Size : 50.2cm x 34.3cm x 6.4cm

Age : 8 years to adult