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Elenco Snap Circuits Extreme Plus Electronics Kit SC-760 (upgraded 750)

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This mega size Elenco Snap Circuits Extreme Plus Electronics Kit SC-760 is an easy and engaging way to introduce future engineers to the amazing world of electronics. Plenty of hands-on educational fun to be had as they learn about sound, light and motion. With this exciting kit of more than 80 colour-coded real circuit parts, they can build their very own working circuits for a lie detector, FM and AM radio, television, sound activated switch, street lamp, rechargeable battery and lots more. Complete with useful colour-coded parts such as snap wires, resistors, solar cell, FM radio module, capacitors and slide switches. Also included in the kit is a computer interface option that allows children to observe frequencies and waveforms (downloadable software and PC-interface cable, compatible with Windows 95 or later-PC compatibility). Over 760 brilliant projects to construct with the aid of an easy-to-follow manual and 4 project guides.  4x AA batteries required (not included).

Used by schools worldwide, Elenco Snap Circuits teach young people to construct exciting projects such as doorbells, digital voice recorders, FM radios, burglar alarms, AM radios and lots more! They can even play electronic games with friends. All parts are mounted on plastic modules and easily snap together. The Circuit Safe™ patented safety device unique to all Snap Circuits products ensures child safety. No tools required.

Download this link for the CI-73 Software : https://shop.elenco.com/consumers/snap-circuits-extreme.html.

The software in the SC-760 is not Mac-compatible, but a similar Mac version can be found at this link : http://www.faberacoustical.com/apps/mac/signalscope/. It is not an exact match to the Elenco manual, but the differences are negligible and it should be simple to follow. The software at this Faberacoustical link is not Elenco Electronics property so Elenco does not offer any technical support for it.

Size : 51cm x 38cm x 7.6cm

Age : 8 years to adult

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