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It's almost lunch time for our cute penguins but these little rascals are keen to snatch some fish beforehand! In this action-packed game of Ice Cool, every player takes their turn at being the Hall Monitor with the noble objective of catching the runaway rascals. The other players are called Runners and their objective is to run through all the 3 doors that have fish on them! Whenever the Hall Monitor or Runner succeeds, they get additional fish. In this game of great dexterity, players can flick the penguins in straight lines, curves or get them to leap over walls for maximum points. The set includes 4 plastic penguins, 5 cardboard rooms with doors, 16 wooden fish tokens, 45 fish cards, 4 colour reminder cards, 4 penguin ID cards and instructions.

Size : 40cm x 6cm x 20.8cm

Age : 6 years +

(watch How To Play video below)