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Puzzles provide a great way for people of all ages to learn, test their skills and pass the time in a fun way. Puzzles come in many shapes, sizes and designs. You can buy puzzles for the whole family to enjoy, as well as puzzles made specifically for children. Some of these types of children’s puzzles include jigsaws, layer puzzles, matching puzzles, spelling puzzles and other problem-solving puzzles.

Animal Puzzle Train
Animal Puzzle Train
Price: £26.45 
Orange Tree Toys Caterpillar Alphabet Puzzle
Alphabet Caterpillar puzzle
Price: £21.49 
Orange Tree Toys Lion Number Puzzle
Orange Tree Toys Lion Number Puzzle
Price: £14.60 
Orange Tree Toys London Mini Puzzle
London Mini Puzzles
Price: £11.45 
Orange Tree Toys Pirates Puzzle
Pirate Puzzle
Price: £10.45 
Sub Total: £0.00

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