The Journey from Cuddly Toy to Comforter

child with cuddly toy

child with cuddly toy

I began thinking the other day about cuddly toys after seeing my friend’s little boy with his comforter. Yes, that well-loved cuddly toy that, for one reason or another, becomes a significant companion in a child’s life.

Now, I can only take my friend’s word for it as to how this little “snuggly” once looked because it was loved to death – shredded, faded and literally hanging together by a thread. Despite its less than perfect appearance, the boy loved him! So much so, that the mother had invested in a ‘back-up’ copy – a potential replacement if, inadvertently, the snuggly was left in the supermarket!

So, why do certain cuddly toys or blankets forge this relationship with your little one?  Why do children attach themselves to a familiar cuddly toy or blanket? Is it as a way of feeling a sense of security, a way of being reassured as they start to discover that their parent is not with them every second of the day? Is a security ‘blanket’ helpful to a child in potentially new and ‘stressful’ situations?

For some parents, the idea of their child being overly attached to a cuddly toy concerns them as they feel it might show some deep-seated fear, anxiety or insecurity in their child. However, research has shown that rather than being evidence of increased anxiety and insecurity, children who have a comforter have less anxiety in stressful situations. So it seems a snuggly may actually be a good thing for kids and not something to be discouraged!

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